Track & Field Results 1-11-06

Track & Field Results 1-11-06

By Greg Lautenslager

The shadow never left Dallas Bowden until it crept past him 30 metres from the finish line of the 1000 metres at yesterday’s Athletics Nelson’s Club Night opener at Trafalgar Park.

Julian Matthews’ furious stretch run propelled him past his training mate and to a Tasman Centre under 19 record of 2min 29.9sec. Bowden, who set the centre mark at 2min 34sec in this meet last season, finished a metre behind in 2min 30.1sec. Dominic Channon was third in 2min 37sec.

Bowden took the lead from Josiah Burton after a 58.8sec opening lap. But he could not shake Matthews, who clung quietly to Bowden’s heels and waited for the final homestretch.

`I had no idea he was there,’ said Bowden, a five-time national champion. `It’s the worst thing ever to be beaten at the end like that.’

Matthews, runner-up in the New Zealand U19 1,500m last season, has made a career out of such homestretch bursts and hopes to have many more this season. He curtailed much of his basketball this past winter to focus on his running.

`I’m feeling a lot stronger this year, especially with the cross country season behind me,’ Matthews said.

Megan Aikenhead also started the season strongly, firing the javelin 38.50m for a 2.5m personal best on a grass track. Missy Seymour threw a personal best of 31.12m to win the women’s discus.

Hazel Bowering-Scott won the women’s 60m (8.2sec), 100m (13.3sec), and 400m (65.4 sec). Flossie Van Dyke dominated the women’s 3,000 from the outset, winning in a personal best 3min 20.6sec.

Andrew Kennedy won the men’s 60m (7.3sec) and 100m (11.3 sec). Hamish Stace won the men’s under 20 100m (12.8sec), 400m (56.4sec), and open B 1000m (3min 2.5 sec.)

Dale Pritchard won the men’s triple jump (10.52m), discus (37.37m), and javelin (44.22m). James Cowin won the U17 discus (39.41m) and javelin (44.02m).

More than 40 athletes competed at Club Night, the largest opening turnout in last few years. Nelson will travel to Blenheim on Nov. 11 for the first day of the Hester Shield meeting against Marlborough.

60m – Women: Hazel Bowering-Scott, 8.2sec, 1; Meghan Aikenhead, 8.8sec, 2; Louise Vaughan, 9.1sec, 3. Men: Open -Andrew Kennedy, 7.3sec, 1; Brad Wood, 8.0sec, 2; Tony Anderson, 8.6sec, 3. U20 – Alex Jordan, 7.6sec, 1; John Pyers, 7.8sec, 2; C.J. Webber, 8.2sec, 3.

100m – Women: Hazel Bowering-Scott, 13.3sec, 1; Olivia Tuck, 13.5sec, 2; Louise Vaughan, 14.9sec, 3. Men: Open – Andrew Kennedy, 11.3sec, 1; Brad Wood, 12.9sec, 2; Keith Jordan, 13.8 sec, 3. U20 – Hamish Stace, 12.8 sec, 1; Mike Armstrong, 13.2 sec, 2; Ed Burger, 13.2sec, 3. U18 – Alex Jordan, 11.7sec, 1; John Pyers, 12.3sec, 2; Isaac Dixon, 13.0sec, 3.

400m – Women: Hazel Bowering-Scott, 65.4sec, 1; Olivia Tuck, 68.5sec, 2. Men: U20 – Hamish Stace, 56.4sec, 1; Ed Burger, 59.6sec, 2; Henry Taylor, 60.0 sec, 3. U18 – Alex Jordan, 60.7sec, 1; Tom Currie, 61.8sec, 2; Brad Wood, 62.9sec, 3.

1000m – Women: Flossie Van Dyke, 3min 20.6sec, 1; Hannah Taylor, 3min 35sec, 2; Sarah Fisher, 3min,35.4sec, 3. Men: Open – Julian Matthews, 2min 29.9sec, 1; Dallas Bowden, 2min, 30.1sec, 2; Dominic Channon, 2min, 37sec, 3. Open B – Hamish Stace, 3min, 2.5sec, 1; Ed Burger, 3min 4.1sec, 2; Dave Dixon, 3min 6.7sec, 3.U18 – Harrison Dean, 2min 49.5sec, 1; Ewaud Noordeloos, 2min 51.7sec, 2; Peter Meffen, 2min 53.1sec, 3.

Discus – Women: Missy Seymour, 31.12m, 1; Kate Lambert, 23.56m, 2. Men: Open – Dale Pritchard, 37.37m, 1; Tony Anderson, 31.73m, 2; U19 – Matt Mollo, 33.26m, 1; U16 – James Cowin, 39.41m, 1.

Javelin – Women: Open – Lana King, 31.45m, 1; U19 – Megan Aikenhead, 38.50m, 1; Men: Open – Dale Pritchard, 44.22m, 1; U19 – Cameron O¢â¡ÁNeill, 45.00m, 1; U17 – James Cowin, 44.02m, 1.

High Jump – Men: Dylan Phillips, 1.46m, 1; Brad Wood, 1.43m, 2; John Pyers, 1.38m.

Triple Jump – Men: Open – Dale Pritchard, 10.52m, 1; U18 – John Pyers, 11.57m, 1; Garry Almond, 11.21m, 2; Luke Adams, 9.33m, 3.