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Nelson’s only Athletics New Zealand registered senior club promoting running and walking in the Nelson Region.

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Saturday 30 May

Great news
running and walking events as of Friday 29th May are no longer in lock-down
Monday’s great news announcing that groups up to 100 can now gather
means we will be starting our winter events this Saturday
starting with the popular Tantgragee loop. spread the word
everyone welcome, more details to be posted soon
Covid-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to.
stay safe – stay healthy

Athletics Nelson Road and Cross Country Events Under Covid-19
Stay home if you’re sick and do not take part in the event if you have flu-like symptoms,
self-isolate at home and get tested immediately.
People aged 70 and over and others with existing and underlying medical conditions
should also stay home.
This includes athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators.
Cough into elbow, avoid touching your face. • Avoid spitting
Registration at Start:
Every person must sanitizer hands when entering registration area
Every competitor, marshal, volunteer, friend and spectator
MUST register with person recording names
Stay 2 meters away from the registration person while giving details
NOTE no details no event NO exceptions
Social distancing must be adhered to as we wait for the start
Race brief given as competitors maintain social distancing
Two starts as usual to split up field, walkers and early runners then runners
Call up to start – 1 meter distance is recommended but not compulsory on start line
During event please keep distance unless passing
also applies to any other people on the course
Finish line procedure
stay in finishing shute in order 1 meter apart and give name at end of shute
Keep social distancing after finishing and stay clear of finish area
Sanitize hands as you disperse after the event please do not linger after the event
No formal gathering for spot prizes etc
if an event is run with spot prizes they will be given out as competitors finish
Disperse reasonably quickly after event
1 Name recorder for contact tracing (kept for a month) at registration
1 Clock holder 1 Recorder of finishers (can be registration person)
Recommendation 1 person to control finish and finishing order
No numbers given out under level 2
Physical Distancing:
Physical distancing is not required during a field of play,
which includes training sessions, events and races
However, 1 metre physical distancing should be maintained before
and after training sessions and events.
In these instances, contact tracing must be undertaken.
People are encouraged to remain 2 metres apart from people
they don’t know or where there is no contact tracing in place
Athletics Nelson do not recommend socialising after the event

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