Mount Robert Fell Run 2023

Competitor Grade Time Grade Placing
Martin Strelka SM 1.37.50 1st
Tony Phillips SM 1.40.13 2nd
Britta Reid VW40 1.45.28 1st
Paula Canning VW50 1.47.10 1st
Curtis Moore VM40 1.47.35 1st
Brian Kemp VM50 1.48.50 1st
Ian Goldschmidt VM50 1.59.36 2nd
Catherine Delaporte VW40 2.03.25 2nd
Erica Chapman SW 2.04.02 1st
Matt Mazzucchelli VM40 2.06.11 3rd
Andrew Goodger VM50 2.11.27 3rd
Birte Kleinloog VW40 2.15.34 3rd
Andrew Barker VM60 2.17.11 1st
Bjorn Strot SM 2.17.29 3rd
Ursula Schwarzenback VW50 2.21.34 2nd
Isabelle Schwarzenbach JW 2.22.31 1st
Simon Connor VM40 2.22.59 4th
Liz Coke VW60 2.23.05 1st
Katy Malthus SW 2.27.00 2nd
Steve Malthus VM60 2.31.36 2nd
Jeremy Burton SM 2.31.45 4th
Justine Judge VW40 2.41.24 4th
Eva Marazikowa VW40 2.44.02 5th
Debbi Bamfield VW60 2.44.34 2nd
Rob Rix VM60 2.46.48 3rd
Annemieke Lewis VW50 2.48.26 3rd
Luke Watson VM50 2.57.10 4th
Lauren Allen SW 3.10.19 3rd
Linda Sillery VW70 3.15.13 1st
Heather England SW 3.20.41 4th
Susan Stokes Walker 4.08.50 1=
Alison McDonald Walker 4.08.50 1=
Heather Verstappen Walker 4.08.50 1=
Rachel Scowan VW50 4.19.23 4th Ran 25km!
Grant McDonald VM60 DNF
A warm sunny day, 16C at the start, but with patchy cloud driven by a southerly over
Mt Robert runners were advised to ensure they had adequate protective clothing with them.
One of the standout performances of the day was Britta Reid (Martin) winning the women’s section
in 1.45.28 and 3rd overall. This is less than 3 minutes slower than when she set the women’s record  (1.42.40)
7 years and 2 children ago! Paula Canning (VW50) was close behind in 1.47.10 and 4th overall.
Both these times would have won the event last year. An undertrained Martin Strelka was overall winner in 1.37.50,
just over 3 minutes slower than when he last got his name on the trophy in 2017.
After pizza and beer at the prizegiving he biked back to Nelson! Family rivalry came to the fore with
Ursula Schwarzenbach and her daughter Isabelle. They were to be running together but when Isabelle took off
on the uphill section Ursula showed the benefit of previous Mt Robert experience and passed her daughter later
in the race to win bragging rights by a minute. Isabelle is only 15 and her 2.22.31 time won the Junior grade.
She is likely to be quite a bit faster next year! It was another story in the other family battle. Katy Malthus (2.27.00)
beat father Steve (VM60) by 4 minutes. Special mentions go to Andrew Barker the VM60 winner who has competed
more than 20 times, mostly running under 1.50. His name is on the men’s trophy for 2009. Linda Sillery winning the
VW70 grade can’t remember off the top of her head how many times she has competed in this event.
She won the women’s trophy in 2012. Both are remarkably durable athletes and embody the spirit of this event.