Four Peaks Challenge

Nelson Fell Runners Event

Sunday 16th June 2019 (8 a.m. Start)
The ‘Peaks’: Centre of New Zealand; The Grampians; The top of Panorama Drive; Princess Drive water towers
The 8 letter code was: MT. ARTHUR
28 participants today (+ a couple of 4 legged ones!)
The distances covered seemed to vary from 18km – 21 km depending on route choices.
Perhaps?? Princess Dr – Panorama- the Gramps-CNZ was the quickest route??

1. 1hr 53m Dan Busch
2. 2hr 03m Kevin O’Donnell
3. 2hr 07m Andrew Barker
4. 2hr 10m Jono Leach + Maggie (the dog)
5. 2hr 10m Stu Cottam
6. 2hr 10m Reagan Paterson
7. 2hr 11m Andrew Dravitzki
8. 2hr 13m Gavin Lambert
9. 2hr 16m Barry Rowe
10. 2hr 28m Peter Mann
11. 2hr 32m Graeme Sellars
12. 2hr 32m Simon Biss
13. 2hr 33m The Beer Drinkers (Steve Beatson; Di Cooper; Jay Landis; Phil Taylor)
14. 2hr 48m Stephanie Barker
15. 2hr 49m Katie/Steve/Izzy Malthus
16. 2hr 56m Nicola Hodges & Leanne MacDonald
17. 3hrs Magan & Daniel Penney
18. 2hr 17m DOFT (3 Peaks Only…Didn’t go up Panorama! ) Fran Kearse; Tom Young; Odette Llewellyn; Dawn Pascoe

Thanks all for giving it a crack! We’ll try & make it an annual tradition aye! In the spirit of the event one peak will be taken out, & another added in to replace it, for next year …with the Gramps always remaining!